Road Trip 2012 – Niagara Falls | Concord | Salem

niagara falls

We were really excited to get to Niagara Falls. David had never been, and I was excited to explore the American side. It turned out to be kind of a bummer that we couldn’t go into Canada (David’s passport did not arrive in time) because the American side was pretty deserted. The upside was that the area around the Falls was much nicer, and more natural than the Canadian side.

niagara falls


+ Doing the Cave of the Winds. You take an elevator down to the base of American Falls, and then they let you out on this deck where you are literally standing at the base of the falls. At one point you get soaked, and you have to wear sandals that they provide for you. It is extra fun because there is a hint of danger. As you’re watching all this water rush by, you may start to wonder how solid the mossy wooden deck you are standing on is. It’s probably not super solid. Just don’t think about it. Also, maybe don’t wear a white shirt like an idiot. (or me)

+ At night, there is a ‘light show’ which means basically they shine colored lights on the Falls. It’s really pretty. There’s an overlook a little ways down that costs money during the day, but is free and open at night! You get an amazing view of the whole scene, and it’s fun to watch the colors change.

+ We visited some wineries, and did some tastings. I always like to do that, because duh, wine. The first couple places we got to visit  (a lot were closed) didn’t tell us anything about the wine, and made us choose our own, but the last place was awesome. The wine guy chose the wines for me, and then told me why they tasted the way that they did. I got to drink wine AND learn!


We just stopped by Concord on our way to Salem, but it turned out to be one of my favorite stops! We arrived at Orchard House (Louisa May Alcott’s home) just as it was closing, which was a little heartbreaking for someone who obsessively read everything LMA wrote in her younger years, but we did visit Sleepy Hollow graveyard, and drove by Walden Pond. It was five dollars for parking, so obviously we didn’t stop. We’ll catch it next time.



+ We didn’t actually stay in Salem, but nearby Beverly. This is also where we found our first delicious restaurant since leaving for Niagara. After eating pizza for almost every meal, I was in heaven.

+ The House of Seven Gables tour. I decided that we should do that on a whim, and it was awesome. It’s the oldest standing mansion in North America, and it has a secret passageway. It’s mind blowing to stand in the house, and think about how many generations of people lived there.

+ Lunch at Capt.’s, in downtown Salem. I had a lobster roll, and we sat on the porch and watched sailboats. It was everything I love about summer, and vacation.

+ Visiting the Salem post office. It’s so much more beautiful than any post office I’ve seen before, and it’s conveniently located next to a fallout shelter so.. that’s good?