Rug Swap

warm rug in neutral room

Caspian may look like he doesn’t want his picture taken, but if that’s the case then maybe he should try not laying down directly in front of the camera. Juust sayin.

I got my hands on a new rug for our living room. It wasn’t planned, but I hadn’t been super happy with our old rug. The honeymoon phase was over, and I didn’t like how when you walked on it, it would get matted down right away. I would vacuum it, and by the time I had put the vacuum cleaner away it would look gross again! And, I mean, let’s be real – I am not vacuuming that often. We need it stick around for a while.

When the opportunity to get this rug came around, I wasn’t thinking we would use it in the living room. I thought maybe it would look good in the bedroom… but it didn’t. I’m going for a lighter, simpler style in there, and even though in my mind an oriental rug would tie in perfectly, in reality this particular rug was too big and too red.

warm rug in neutral room

I wasn’t really expecting it to work in this room, either, but it turns out it’s kind of perfect. It adds a lot of warmth, which makes the room feel so much cozier, it’s a more appropriate size, so it doesn’t feel a little puny like the other rug did, and even though I worried the darkness would weigh down the room, it actually just tied all the dark stuff together. Having the floor be so dark also made the room feel a little bigger – probably because dark colors recede.

The second change, which you maaay notice is that I added a blanket basket! It’s great. The basket is from Target, and so is the top blanket (we bought a ‘fancy’ blanket to make the top look better – don’t buy this blanket. It sheds like crazy.) I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with having a blanket basket, but it’s amazing and I highly recommend it. I never again have to be sad when someone gets to the couch blanket first, because there’s an infinite supply of blankets that I can reach right from my couch. It’s definitely the little things.