Sarah + Ryan

Hand Drawn Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Probably my least favorite part about designing invitations is the wait after they’re finished. I don’t feel right showcasing them in a more public way until the wedding is over, so it’s kind of a bummer when I spend a lot of time making something I’m excited about, only to have to wait a couple (or six) months to actually show them off. That’s why I’m so excited to point you over to Oh So Beautiful Paper, where the invitations and programs that I designed and made for Sarah and Ryan are featured!

This sounds a little cheesy, so bear with me, but I really poured my heart into these. When I’m making something that is so hands-on and labor intensive, I’m spending hours in my office, just me and the invitations. I get kind of attached. I thought about Sarah and Ryan, and how I don’t know them, but I get to be a part of their wedding in a small way. It’s kind of amazing that even though they live on the opposite side of the country, they somehow found me. I hope that when they looked at their invitations and programs they felt the time and care and love that went into making them (because I love, love loved making them) and I hope that it made their day a little more special.

There are a bunch more photos at OSBP, so go check it out!