Super honesty time: This has been a crappy day, following a crazy week. I feel like I have been working nonstop (I was up until 2 last night working on stuff… and it’s quickly becoming the norm), and today has had more than its share of rejection. As frustrating as it is to feel like you are giving it your all, and it’s still not enough, this is just the way things go sometimes. It can feel like an uphill battle some days, and today I’ve felt like I am taking no steps forward, hundreds of steps back.

It’s days like today that I just feel lucky that for all of the worry and stress that comes with my job, I also have a rock solid boyfriend, a family who supports me no matter what, and great friends who will talk me through it. Even though it’s been an extra bad day, I know that in the wise words of Michael Bluth, I just have to put my head down and power through, and everything will turn out okay.

How do you get through your bad days? Do you have bad days? Someone please tell me that it’s not just me!

(On a different note, I am so pleased to show you my first guest post! It is actually about why freelancing is great (which is how I feel most of the time!) and it is right over here on the 20 Something Bloggers blog. I am new to the 20sb community, and surprisingly inept at social media, so if you belong please friend me.)

  • nikkiana

    I know on a bad day a big hug from my boyfriend totally brightens my day. So does ice cream.

    And welcome to 20sb. :)

    • lovecitron

      Thanks! Hugs and ice cream are also my go-to cheering up tactics. :)