What a Sham

bed styling inspiration

My bedroom is still feeling a little unfinished. Probably because it is. I want to add curtains, and I even had fabric for them, but the more I sit on it, the more I don’t think it’s quite right for the space, and I should just get some plain white fabric, instead. I also really need to actually organize my closet – something I haven’t done yet. I was so excited to get back to not living in a giant pile of stuff I kind of threw everything in there and told myself I’d go through it later.. well Alison, it’s later. Much later. Maybe I should get on that.

Today, however, I want to talk about shams. Pillow shams. I love the yellow patterned ones my mom made for me, but unfortunately it’s time for them to take a break in search of the perfect, soothing white bedroom of my dreams. I’ve been feeling like our bed needs a little styling help – no matter what I try, I don’t ever feel like it looks very good.. or very comfortable. I thought maybe if we looked at some different bedding styles, it would help me pick out fabric for my new shams.



I love the look above. It’s layered and looks very comfy – also it’s not super plausible for a real life application. My bed often looks this messy, but never this well styled.



I really like the different textures going on here it’s kind of weirdly shiny (side note: is bridal bedding really a thing? Does it need to be a thing? I’m thinking.. no) but it might be cool to add a smaller pillow or two with some different, neutral texture.



I LOVE this. It’s soft, lots of greys, and it looks like something you could make every day. Maybe I should consider knitting a bolster pillow? This photo also makes me want to move to a cabin in the woods and stop worrying about things like bed making. Of course, not worrying would lead to a relaxed, easy elegance that would be impossible for anyone else to emulate – everyone would be like I don’t know how she does it! She’s just so effortlessly chic! Ah, dreams.



I’m really loving how simple + textural this is, too. I  like the how the bronze pillows kind of ground everything. I thought I wanted smooth, crisp shams, but maybe textured/pintucked is the way to go?



This is lovely too.  I’m noticing is that all of these photos have really awesome beds… Does this mean you can’t accomplish what I want with pillows alone?

I’m drawn to a much softer look than I originally thought.  One would think that a smooth, full pillow would be more appealing, but it actually just looks kind of hard and uncomfortable. My plan of action is going to be to recover the shams in a white or natural fabric, and knit a smaller pillow to go in front. When I get curtains up that will really soften the whole look – the window is a lot of hard lines right now.

I’m excited! Now I have a plan! Hopefully this wasn’t boring? I thought it might be fun to look at beds.. but now I just want to take a nap.