Shopaholic: Blink

blink collars and leashes

Something I’ve noticed about the blog community is that it can feel like the same shops/items get featured on blogs over and over again. If something shows up in one place, it’s sure to filter through about 10 different blogs over the next month, and it can get boring. There are a lot of good reasons for this – there are indie shops with really great products who deserve to be featured, or more mainstream shops (like J.Crew..) who have great products and are easily accessible by a lot of people.

However, it makes me really wary of featuring similar products on my own blog. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love J. Crew as much as the next girl, but it’s not like I can style their images any better than they already do, and you’ve already seen the stuff I love in a million different places.

I come across a lot of independent creative shops in my line of work, and so I thought that I’d occasionally feature the ones on here that really stand out to me, and who haven’t been completely overexposed. Today we’re going to talk about Blink.

I found this shop right around when I got Caspian, and I’ve had my eye on their leashes It’s hard to find classic, unique dog accessories, and there’s something about these that strike me as so simple but so well executed. I love the colors, I love the packaging, and I love how Juka Araikawa takes something so basic and elevates it to an everyday accessory that’s so full of beauty.

blink collars and leashes

They are a little pricey for my taste, but I feel like it would be a worthwhile purchase when you consider that they are handmade, and  I think they’d wear a lot better than the standard nylon leash, which gets frayed and nasty. If you want to blow the pet owner in your life away, you should consider this as a gift. And if you are related to me, you should DEFINITELY consider getting me one as a gift (unrelated: shout-out to my mom!)

You can shop all of their leashes and collars (they have cat collars too!) here. I’m avoiding linking to specific products because those links break as soon as the product is sold, but they are having a sale right now, so be sure to check that out!



  • Jessica

    Thanks for sharing this! I feel the same way – that you’ll see a sweatshirt or headphones pop up on one blog, then several other blogs within a matter of a few days (or sometimes hours). I really like the idea of this new series!

    • Alison Citron

      Thanks, Jessica! Yeah, I totally agree. It’s not surprising, since most bloggers have really good taste, but hopefully I can find some secret treasures! :)