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After taking a break, the Bein’ A Bridesmaid series is back! We are keeping it shorter, and simpler, focusing on single aspects of bridal events.

Alison: Salt & pepper mills are a perfect gift. They are on almost every registry, they’re usually pretty budget-friendly, and it’s something the bride and groom will keep for a long time! Think about it – when’s the last time you replaced your salt and pepper shakers? And every time they use it, they’ll think of their wedding, and the great friend who gave them this gift.

Jessica: I’m a big believer in sticking to a couple’s registry. It’s easy and you are 100% sure that you’re getting the couple something that they want. However, sometimes the registry isn’t an option. I’ve found that white serving ware is a great thing. All white always looks good, it makes food look good, and now that I’m a grownup it’s nice to be able to use something other than paper plates to serve food. Plus you can find it almost anywhere and at any price point.

  • Lindsay

    Agreed on both accounts! I was so excited to replace our old clear salt and pepper shakers with the punchy red ones we picked out from Target. For our engagement party, my fiance’s aunt and uncle sent us the spice rack on our registry as well as an amazing white serving bowl (which I used for a bridesmaid spaghetti dinner!) and a really cool bread cutting board thingamajig (name escapes me) with a handle that pulls out to be the knife! I would always buy off the registry, but it’s also pretty nice to receive some cool/useful gifts you didn’t see or think of!