‘Simplicity’ Is A Lie

Simplicity 2250 pattern

(sorry these pictures are crappy – figuring out how to take a non blurry photo of myself on my nice camera is beyond my capabilities at the moment)

I finally started working on a for real sewing project! After completing my pillows, I was emboldened enough to move on to clothes. I took a trip to Hancock (that place is the best – every time I go there they are having a sale that conveniently coincides with what I was intending to buy), went a little pattern crazy, and got fabric for two dresses!

I don’t know if this is an official learning style, but I definitely prefer to just dive right in and learn as I go when it comes to projects. So I chose this pattern (Simplicity 2250 ) because it was cute, it looked relatively simple, but there were enough details that if I did it right it wouldn’t look homemade. I figured if I just took my time, made sure I did every step correctly, and didn’t get frustrated, it would turn out great!

Wrong. This was literally the pattern from hell. It featured 50 confusing steps, and even though I spent SO MUCH TIME on it, the dress still looks like crap. I’ll admit, things started going off the rails when I was about two thirds of the way through, and threw caution to the wind and started making my own modifications (like the pleated skirt instead of the gathered one on the pattern – I tried it the pattern’s way first and it made me look huge) but when I thought I was about done and tried on the dress, it was a major womp womp moment.

Simplicity 2250 pattern fail

It’s way too big – somehow – and the darting got funky, and it ended up being way too low cut, and ARGH. I was really disappointed, and ended up setting it aside for the time being – hopefully when I learn a little more I can go back and salvage it.

On a more positive note, I learned a lot about using patterns, and how to put in an invisible zipper. I was most nervous about the zipper, but that ended up working perfectly the first try. That was literally the only time I didn’t have to go back and rip stuff out. I think we can all agree that this is not a brag about my sewing skills, because look at that dress. That is not the work of someone who is skilled at sewing.

Hopefully this story will have a happy ending – I decided to take a break, and revisit the dress when some of my emotional wounds have healed. I really liked the fabric, and the pattern, and I was so excited to have a dress made to my specifications, so it’s a pretty big bummer that I spent several straight days working on this and I’m not totally sure it’s ever going to turn out. I guess this is part of the learning process, though, so better luck next time!