How to Not Suck At Calligraphy

dan harmon quote

So lately I’ve been feeling like I need to step up my calligraphy game.

I’m not sure what I expected – it’s not like I’ve picked up a pen since I did this, and for me at least, calligraphy is a skill where, if I don’t practice, I not only won’t get better, but my skills will actually deteriorate.

So I’ve decided to start building time into my schedule each week to dedicate to working on improving this skill. I’m writing letters to friends and I will occasionally be sharing my progress here by lettering some of my favorite quotes.  Super honesty time: I’m feeling pretty hesitant about sharing this.  It’s something I’d love to eventually make part of my job, and I am a little worried that by being open about the fact that I am not instantly perfect at this, I’m somehow hurting my career, or diminishing my skills. But I also think it’s important – in the interest of keeping things real – to share what I struggle with, and how I try to improve myself, and not in a way that’s ultimately just a back door brag.

The quote I’m showing you is not great. I can see a lot of things I’d like to work on, and I’m probably going to redo it at some point because I really like Dan Harmon, and this quote, and I feel like they deserve better.  I like looking at it anyway. It reminds me of a fun hour and a half I spent practicing a craft I have a lot of respect for. It’s an honest representation of where I am, and how far I have to go. Someday I’ll look back at this (hopefully) and be proud of how far I’ve come.