Summer Resolutions

As far as summer goes, I am stuck in fourth grade. Every time I think of June/July/August, I get a little thrill, like I have three months of time off stretching out before me. Even though that is no longer the case, I still like to look at it as a fresh start, a little mini New Year just for me. It’s just such a fun time! There are so many outdoor activities to do (like going to the pool, my favorite summer pastime), it’s light out for HOURS after work, you are more likely to cook and eat foods outside, ice water tastes much more refreshing in the summer, and there are days when it’s too hot to do anything, so you can lay around in the ac and read books all day.

While my New Year’s resolutions are generally along the lines of things that I think would make me a better person, I like to make summer resolutions for things that I think would be fun to do.

+ Host a ‘smores roast in my backyard. Bonus points if I can figure out how to make fancy ‘smores

+ Spend an evening catching fireflies. But be careful! (Last year I accidentally stepped on one, and I felt terrible.)

+ Climb a tree

+ Perfect the perfect summer cocktail (mojito, I’m coming for you!)

+ Eat outdoors as often as possible.

+ Have a lot of long afternoons spent by the pool.

+ Go kayaking.

+ Try rock climbing.

+ Go white-water rafting.

+ Keep some plants alive this summer.

That seems like a manageable list of things to do…  Does anyone else make summer resolutions? Do you want to? Tell me what your goals for this summer are in the comments!

  • Lindsay

    I love this idea! Such a great way to bring on the fun. I’m getting married in July so my summer will be half crazy-dieting-and-getting-ready and half married-life-is-great-lets-get-fat-off-ice-cream. And I’m ok with that!