family room decor

The reason I was at the flea market on the day I found my bar cart was to find a corner cabinet. I had thought it would look good in the space, instead of the busy and cluttered bookshelf the room was currently rocking, and my mom happened to spot the perfect piece for the perfect price. I got her text hours after she sent it, and ran down there immediately, figuring it was probably gone. However, it was not, I managed to bargain the price down (score! I always feel so awesome when that works) and I got to take it home. It has a little much-needed hidden storage, it connects the busy gallery wall to the not-so-busy window wall, and it still had room to display my books without being in your face about it. Most importantly, it’s another step towards getting away from the whole IKEA feel I had going on in here. I didn’t realize it until it was too late, but a lot of the major pieces in the main rooms came from IKEA. I have nothing against them, but I want our apartment to look like us, not like a catalog.

closet organizing tips

Not one to give up any storage space, I did find a new home for the IKEA bookshelf (with a terrible paint job. Side note: I can’t spray paint to save my life, and I have no idea why. It bugged me every time I looked at it, so I’m pretty happy I don’t have to any more.) This closet is such a huge clutter catcher, but for the first time ever, there’s been no problem keeping stuff off the floor. There is a before photo, but I can’t bring myself to show it to you. (You can find it on Instagram if you’re really dedicated.) It’s nice to be able to open the door to the closet without being afraid there’s a big nest of roaches lurking under the hip-deep pile of junk. That’s what’s been going on around the apartment! I’m loving all the changes, and I have even more up my sleeve.