Taking A Break


it's about to get crazySo, the past couple of days have been really busy for me. Stuff with work has been ramping up, and it’s been super exciting. I love being busy. It’s so great when the days fly by, and I can relax at the end of the day knowing that I’ve been truly productive. So, I’m not complaining at all.

However, it’s been a little harder to manage my time. Working harder has meant that I’ve felt a million times more creative, and I’ve had tons of ideas for projects, this blog, my life, but I haven’t really been able to come up with the time to get anything off the ground. So, I have decided to take a blog break. I won’t be gone long – a week and a half at the most – but I always feel bad when I don’t post regularly, and obviously I haven’t been, so I decided to make it official.

Thanks for bearing with me while I figure out how to do it all! (ha) Here are some blogs that I’ve really been loving lately – and they all actually post regularly!

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