The Detail That Could Take Your Party To The Next Level

place cards

Alcohol! Just kidding! Today we’re going to talk about place cards. I designed these place cards (above) for a client’s bat mitzvah, and they really got me thinking about how it’s a detail that’s often overlooked, but can really make an event way better.

When I have dinner parties, I usually get a little frazzled, and would really like people to sit the eff down when the food is actually ready. People are always like “Where do you want us to sit?” which is cool but also I have usually put zero thought into it, and my brain space is all used up in making sure all the food is ready and hot at the same time. If only there was a solution for this problem! Oh wait, there is. Making place cards takes all the guesswork out of it, and ensures that everyone is seated and has a full plate before the food gets cold. It also makes you seem really fancy and on top of it, even if that’s not actually the case.

If you’re doing a smaller party, it would be fairly cost effective to buy place cards from a designer (like me!). It’s one of those small details that really helps the whole party feel more pulled together, and at least in my experience, if it’s a small project I can do it quickly, and I can use it as an opportunity to use some really special method that would be too much work for a larger gathering (like embossing, or foil stamping, or cut paper.. to name a few).

If you’re having a larger party, you should definitely buy place cards from a designer. It’s one of those projects that seems like it will be fairly easy, but can quickly turn into a time suck on a larger scale, and designers and stationers have lots of little production tricks that you might not have had access to, or even thought of.

However, if you’re crafty and like to do things more on the fly, I’ve pulled together a few good do it yourself options that I found on Pinterest. (Are you following me on Pinterest? I hope you are!)

So, is this something you would actually do, or is a beautiful fantasy, just out of reach of actual real life implementation? I like to think that some day in the future I’ll be super organized and together, and can just whip some appropriate place cards out of my fully stocked craft center whenever I host fabulous dinner parties (…none of this has ever happened to date). It’s nice to have something to aspire to.