Today I’m Freaking Out About Taxes

This week I finally decided that I REALLY needed to get a handle on how taxes work. It’s been a very intimidating thing  to figure out on my own – freelance taxes are different from normal taxes, and I have absolutely no experience with any of this, (most days, I don’t even have a solid grasp on basic math) so I don’t know where to start. Lucky for me, it seems like basically everyone in my family is some sort of accounting professional, and my aunt has been giving me some good information. But let’s be honest – thinking about spending more money on taxes then I do on anything else is kind of depressing.

The other, nerdier part of me is excited to get the financial aspect of my business all organized and under control. I really that part of this process involves getting Quickbooks or some similar software, and documenting expenses and income. I had to do that once for a woman I was babysitting/personal assistant-ing for, and while it SEEMS boring and lame, it was actually super fun. So maybe this won’t be all bad!

I hope everyone has a good weekend. Does anyone have plans more exciting than bookkeeping?