Turkey Day!

thanksgiving invitations

It’s weird how your attitude toward holidays can change as you get older. When you’re little you can be 100% unabashedly pumped about a holiday because you don’t have to do anything to actually prepare for it. You just show up, get presents (or food), have an amazing time, and then you go home. I’m learning it’s a little harder to get in the holiday spirit when you have a to-do list leading up the holiday, and it’s especially hard because I treat upcoming vacations as a challenge to not only get my normal stuff done, but check off every single lingering to-do that I’ve had going on for the last six months.

All of this is to say that I really appreciate how hard my parents must have worked to make holidays a magical time for myself and my brother, and I STILL appreciate how effortless my mom makes Thanksgiving look. I’m still basically rolling in at the last minute, all ‘hey I made this super simple dish, when do we eat?’ and she’s pulling off a dinner for 13, easy peasy.

thanksgiving invitations

On top of that, she decided to send out actual invitations for the dinner. She painted a bunch of turkeys in watercolor, and then I  lettered them. Isn’t she talented? I can’t really show you the type, because it’s got their home address on it, but I wish I could because I thought it came together nicely. It’s nice to work on something purely for fun, and it’s even nicer to collaborate with my mom. She acts really modest, but she’s basically Martha Stewart without the felonies. (sorry, Martha! <3 u!)

How were your Thanksgivings? Is it too late to talk about that? Mine was fun! I think the highlight was seeing my cousin’s baby, who is like, talking and walking now. He is the cutest little guy, and it’s truly impressive to watch him work an iPad.

  • Gabie

    Super cute invitations! You and your mom are the best! :)