Vacations and Stay-cations

frozen custard with sprinkles

Last weekend I packed up my belongings, and headed off to Charleston with David and a couple of other friends. When we got back, I had built in a couple extra days for a stay-cation, and I basically bummed around Raleigh, reading lots of books and catching up with friends.

I know that I’ve said before how pointless I think it is for people to talk about how stressed/busy they are, and to some extent I kind of feel like a tool talking about how much I needed this downtime, but you guys, I SO NEEDED this downtime. I didn’t even realize how wound up I was until about day 3, otherwise known as the day when I kept crying for no apparent reason. Working 12 – 14 hour days for the last, oh, month really took its toll. That’s why freelance is great. I can go through that craziness, and then take a week off and come back feeling like balance has been restored.

beautiful day

I was a little worried that stay-cationing wouldn’t feel very relaxing for me, as I work from home, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. I stayed off the computer as much as possible, and did things I wouldn’t normally do during the day, like napping, and having coffee with friends. I also spent four hours deep cleaning my apartment. Something may be wrong with me, because that is the most surefire way I know to get myself to relax.

couple on vacation

Anyway, I’m back now, and looking forward to what the upcoming months are going to bring.  Something tells me it’s going to be good.