Three New Ways To Eat Feta

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It’s time to talk food! After a few weeks of intense laziness, I’m back on the wagon and loving anything that comes in salad form, as you will soon see.

1. David and I hosted a Fourth of July gathering, and I was determined to make it a healthy meal. Because I’m super fun. We served this tomato salad, and once again Deb didn’t disappoint. I took a risk and bought marginally more expensive heirloom tomatoes and oh mah gahh – I am a tomato lover but when I was making it I was stuffing tomato chunks into my mouth at about the same rate I was putting them in the bowl. So, so good. We also served this napa cabbage salad which is also tasty – and really easy!

2. For dessert I made chocolate dipped strawberries and these frozen banana bites, which I am now obsessed with. They’re so great for a little treat, but they’re pretty filling, so it’s tough to overindulge. Also, it’s a banana soo the calories don’t count?

3. I also made whipped feta (man, can you tell what blogs I like?) and it is so good. I’ve been trying to think of ways to incorporate it into my recipes and I have come up with: With garlic on steak, with summer squash and sauteed onions (it tastes kind of french onion dippy – in a good way), on carrots (gross), on a spoon, so nothing comes between me and the delicious taste of the feta. I also feel like it would be good with peaches, but I’m afraid to try it because it could also be way gross. I’ll keep ya posted.

4. This weekend I think I’m going to try making these chicken roll ups – except everything’s going to be full fat, because life is too short for skim cheese.

5. I want a slushy machine so I can make slushy versions of my favorite alcoholic beverages. Slushy Manhattan, anyone?