Weekend Style

weekend style

My wardrobe is in definite need of an update, so I’ve been saving my pennies for a shopping spree. Until that time comes, I will dreaming of outfits like this one. Relaxed, stylish, and able to go from brunch to laying around in the grass watching an outdoor movie (one of my favorite summertime activities), no problem.

shirt | shorts | bag | shoes | necklace

  • http://aunatureldesign.blogspot.ca/ Michaela {au naturel design}

    I love that top. Casual yet stylish. Plus the colour is gorgeous…it even matches your blog.

    • lovecitron

      Haha, I think I’m a little obsessed with that color.. so pretty!

  • http://hotmesscoolday.wordpress.com Lindsay

    I love this outfit together! I’m definitely obsessed with the mint color lately…I even have mint colored jeans!

    • lovecitron

      Ooh.. mint jeans! I rocked minty nails for a couple months, and I’m probably going to go back, haha.

  • http://hotmesscoolday.wordpress.com Lindsay

    LOVE mint nails! I would definitely go back to them if I could only stop biting mine…