What a Month


{photo courtesy of superfamous}

You guys. I’m super frustrated right now. I love working at home, but for the past like, TWO WEEKS, there have been people doing maintenance and such outside, and Caspian barks at them constantly. He must know there’s not much of a threat, because it’s only light barking, but holy crap it grates on my neeerves. Just like, look out the window at them, ya idiot. Don’t bark at the door, because that accomplishes NOTHING. Worst dog ever.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so tough on him. I feel like I’ve been doing the life equivalent of barking at doors recently. I set these lofty goals and just… stare at my computer. I’ve been learning about barriers that people put up for themselves, and it’s interesting how things that seem so easy from the outside can be so hard to even get started on. For example, I know that re-doing my portfolio will help me do better in my business, and in order to re-do it I have to edit photos. But for whatever reason, I have such a hard time getting started on this seemingly simple task. Do you know what I mean? There are so many reasons not to do something, but maybe there’s a fear of failure behind those excuses that is so hard to confront. Or maybe I’m just great at procrastinating.

I don’t think this time of year helps much either. It’s dark, and cold, Dr. Who got really sad (I’m uh, watching all the Dr. Who episodes with David… I will never get over Rose Tyler. I am such a nerd.) the holidays are coming, and half the time I’m tempted to just pretend they’re already here and sit around baking cookies all day.

I’ve had to deal with this feeling before, this just feeling totally and utterly unproductive for days on end. For whatever reason it’s been especially tough this time around. The only way to get over it is to just put your head down and get through it, I think. And try to do SOMETHING every day.


  • http://bethanybarkey.com/blog Bethany

    Our pup does the barking thing too!! Eck super annoying and I can’t IMAGINE having to work through that! What I’ve been trying is to train Amelia to “shh!” on command. To start, when she started barking like crazy I got out the treat jar (which usually gets her attention) and told her to “Sit!! Shh!!” and also motion with my finger over my lips. If she sits AND is quiet I give her a treat. So far when I try to transition to just “Shhh!” it doesn’t seem to click yet. I haven’t had consistent luck with it, but it is starting to get her attention. Good luck :-)

    • lovecitron

      That’s really smart! I’m definitely going to start doing that with Caspian. :)