What I’m Eating

mixed fruit

I’ve struggled with how to include food on this blog. It’s a big part of my life – I cook a LOT, and I try to eat pretty healthy – and I definitely want this to be a space where I talk about it, but I am not a food blogger. I have no idea how to develop recipes, and to be honest that’s not super appealing to me anyway. I also don’t want to take photos while I’m cooking – it’s way too messy, and I’m focused on not ruining dinner!

So I’m excited to introduce a semi-regular column called What I’m Eating. I’m going to share recipes I’m loving, foods I’m super into, and my favorite food snapshot from my Instagram feed. (Also, please follow me on instagram at @thealisoncitron! It’s my favorite social media!)whatimeating

///+ When I saw this Buffalo Chicken Salad recipe I had to make it that night. We used ground up gluten free crackers instead of bread crumbs and totally nixed the gorgonzola and blue cheese because moldy cheese makes me gag. It was uhmazing anyway.

///+ David and I have been eating loosely gluten free (mostly because foods containing gluten aren’t that great for you anyway, so we’re trying to avoid them, but we can’t totally say goodbye to beer). My mom found these gluten free matzos for Passover, and I’m sort of obsessed. Unlike regular matzo it’s not gluey or super dry – so it’s a perfect cracker substitute.

///+ When it gets warm, I start wanting sangria. I almost never use a recipe, because I don’t want sprite or orange juice watering down my wine, but here’s the recipe I’ve been loving lately:

1 bottle muscato
1 bottle dry white wine
1/2-3/4 cup passionfruit flavored vodka
1 apple
1 orange
1 lemon
1 lime
6-10 strawberries
sparkling water

Cut up the fruit, combine everything except for the sparkling water. Let it sit overnight, and then fish the fruit out because I’m pretty sure it soaks up all the alcohol, and it gets fuzzy if you leave it in too long, which is gross.  Eat the fruit if you want. When serving the sangria, top off with sparkly water. Makes two pitchers, serves 2-6 people.

///+ I’ve also been obsessed with this 44 clove garlic soup. Which has led to an obsession with roasted garlic. You know what’s real good with some roasted garlic? Cheese and crackers. Try it! Impress your friend with how fancy you are.

///+ We have been eating a lot of hard boiled eggs lately, too. Did I tell you about the baking method? It’s way easier than boiling them!