Wish List: Laser Cut Shoes

laser cut shoes roundup
Something I’ve been noticing around my corner of the internet is that cut out shoes are popping up more and more. I recently grabbed a pair for a wedding (the Calvin Kleins).. and then sadly had to return them. I could easily see a flat pair becoming my go-to shoes for the summer. They’re polished, they have ventilation, which is very important in hot and humid NC, and I love the way they look.

Clockwise from top left: champagne flats, grey high heels, yellow flats, white + gold flats, grey heels, brown flats, pink flats

  • http://woodlandpapercuts.com Naomi

    I love the look, but personally I worry they’ll cut my feet. I had lasercut leather sandals a few year ago, and I think I wore them a total of 3 times, they made me bleed. Maybe I have baby feet, I don’t know. Does this happen to others, too?

    • lovecitron

      That sounds terrible! The pair I briefly tried on didn’t hurt my feet at all, but maybe it depends on where the cuts are located? If I end up buying a pair, I’ll keep you posted.