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bar cart rehab

For a while now, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a bar cart. I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a metal industrial type cart to hold all of our bottles and glasses, but sadly anything I thought was cool was out of my budget. The other day, I was at the flea market, having an awesome shopping day (more on that later), and what should catch my eye but a rusty old industrial cart? With bated breath, I found out the price, and it turned out to be super reasonable. The bottom of the cart was definitely the most rusty, and actually had a few holes, which I didn’t notice until I got it home.  It only took about 5 hours of hard scrubbing to get most of the rust off, and I had myself a new bar cart.

Probably my favorite thing about it is how much storage space it’s opened up. We used to have a cabinet dedicated to liquor and wine bottles, which took up a lot of valuable real estate, and tended to make us lose stuff. It’s so nice to have everything at hand, and even better, be able to use the drink glasses we have. They used to be banned to the top of the cabinet, which meant they were dusty and never used because they were such a pain to get down.

industrial bar cart

I’d like to get some old wood cartons to hold the bottles at the bottom of the cart. It’s incredible how big our collection is – someone is always wanting to try a new recipe, which calls for some special brand. Some of this stuff I can’t even remember buying, which probably means I should throw it out, but I like the way it all looks down there.

My other favorite detail about this cart is the little marker on it. It says”Lakeside MFG Inc,” and “Milwaukee, Wisconsin.” David’s family is from Milwaukee, and it’s a fun coincidence that this cart is also from there.

Maybe some day in the future I’ll use it as a bookshelf, a side board, or a coffee cart, but for now I am delighted with our new bar! Come on over for a drink – we can make you basically anything you want.

  • http://kaycelomas.com Kayce

    Oh my goodness! I have been looking for a bar cart for ages! This turned out fantastic! *runs to the flea market*