Year Round Wrapping Station


A dream of mine came true the other day. An actual dream. The dream of someday having my very own wrapping station. I don’t even know why I dreamt of this since I was just a young girl, flipping through my mom’s home magazines, but I did, and now I have my own. I thought I’d need more space and like, more people to give gifts to, but it turns out all you need is a pegboard and some determination.

Before you think, ‘this girl is crazy, who the hell needs a wrapping station?’, let me just say – it is AWESOME. It is so awesome. Like, I didn’t even realize how tough I had it before. Tough in the sense of total non-problems, but still. I never had a clear space to work with, so I’d always end up on the floor with an explosion of supplies around me. I’d be done cutting my paper and not know where the tape was. I’d be measuring out ribbon and then the scissors would be gone. I’d finally be done wrapping and there would be a mfing dog hair taped to the present. Or one of my hairs.  Caspian would step on my presents. Nothing would get put away for weeks because I’m lazy and figure if I’m going to be wrapping more presents any time in the next year I may as well leave it all out. Things that were as annoying to experience as this step by step guide through the trials and tribulations of wrapping without a station probably was to read. I’m too sleep deprived and excited about life to write a good blog post!

Anyway, I had some space behind my office door and an eye for opportunity, so I seized the day and made it happen. After looking around, I realized a couple things that I’m going to share with you now. Contrary to what you might think, Lowe’s does not have ‘cool pegboard wrapping station kits’ just laying around. They also hide their dowels so don’t even bother. You can make everything you need with a couple dowels and basic pegs, so don’t bother buying fancy pegs, it’s not worth the money. I totally got this idea from Martha. I’m just here to spread the word.

I bought this pegboard (which came with all the pegs I needed, and was cheaper than the current price), these dowels, and this basket to throw extra stuff in. I am really liking it. It makes wrapping gifts way easier, since I am next to a big table and I can see everything I’m working with. I also have a great handle on my ribbon inventory and tissue paper inventory now, so I’m more likely to wrap cuter gifts.

I’m really happy with how this turned out. It makes all the little annoyances of wrapping gifts disappear, and leaves just the fun, creative part. It also makes me feel like a baller, since I thought wrapping stations were reserved for rich ladies with too much space to fill, but here I am, you guys. Livin the dream.

Okay you guys, that’s it from me – I’ll see you all next year!

  • lacey

    hahahaha. your writing is so entertaining. i really like this idea. my “wrapping” usually consists of: gift bag i got a present in last christmas + tissue paper i got a present in last christmas. sucky suck. nobody wants to receive a gift from me. pinning this idea. pinning is winning.

    • Alison Citron

      Aw thanks!! Haha I hoard used gift bags and ribbons like it’s my job. It’s RECYCLING! :)