zipline review

Luckily we have this super cool photo to forever document our trip – I can’t even believe I’m showing this to anyone.

A couple weekends ago, David and I went ziplining, as part of his ongoing Christmas present. I realized a while ago if I wanted to be the fun person who does cool things on weekends… I had to just do cool things on weekends, and this was one of the things that came to mind.

I am really afraid of heights, but we were actually so busy in the weeks leading up to this little trip that I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it, which I thought would help me from getting too scared. Regardless, the first thing our ‘fight captain’ said to me (before I said a word to him) was ‘This is not scary, you will be fine’. Great!

Either way, I got more and more anxious as we climbed seven flights of stairs and I watched David zip off into the wilderness. I gave into my anxiety for a second, but eventually I had to take a deep breath and just do it. The second I didn’t have a platform under me any more, I felt relief – relief that I did it, I was not falling to my death, and it was actually fun. I wouldn’t say I was exactly relaxed for the rest of the trip, but I had a great time, and more importantly I found the inner strength to step off that platform 14 times even though that part didn’t get less scary.

I think we all have stories about ourselves that we tell others – I’m afraid of heights, I hate running, I can’t do math, I kill plants, I’m not sporty – and (at least for me) we forget that they aren’t fundamental truths. I may be afraid of heights, but it’s something I can work on controlling. I may kill plants now, but if I try hard enough, something’s gonna live, damnit.

I guess what I’m saying is sometimes I need to stop thinking and just go for it- even if it goes against what I’ve been telling myself all along.

  • agirlandaboy

    Yessssss to all of this. I totally hold myself up as A Person Who Does This or A Person Who Does Not Do That, and although that feels nice and comforting and predictable, it’s also kind of sad and boring. So hooray for trying new things.